Find Calm Here 2020 Calendar~

Each year for the past eight years I have created a photo calendar curating the best of the year’s photos. I’ve offered this to friends and family over the years as so many are interested in supporting my work. 
For this year, I’m opening it up to anyone who’s interested in purchasing a calendar and the theme for this year is Find Calm Here, destinations for mindfulness. 

Denver Experience, Part 4

September 28 Journal Entry: I believe in the power of just being aware of the space where you are, and I love that about our group. We talked about our challenges and what’s stopping us from moving closer to this life we want.  Friday morning kicked off the Location Indie Denver Experience, the conference that…

Denver Experience, Part 1

“Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.” As I walked on the gravel trail through City Park in Denver, I thought about how I got here, to this amazing and vibrant city. The air was different in Denver, and I was different, I was so excited on the plane because I knew I’d meet…