Find Calm Here

My name is Deb Schell and I’m the Founder of Find Calm Here. With experience in creating calm in my life through healthy and mindful habits, I wanted to share what I’d learned with others in my community.
FCH started with small in-person events in my home that I hosted to share the products, services, and resources with friends and family to help them find their calm.
Five years ago, before creating these habits, I was unhappy, depressed, overweight, in $46K of debt, living with my mother, commuting 40 minutes to a stressful sales job that was leaving me feeling disconnected from myself.
Incorporating habits like journalinggetting outsidemeditationyogaessential oils, massage, music, mindful eating, creating vision boards, and setting daily affirmations, is how I discovered a sense of calm in my life.
Now my actions align with my values as I have created an intentional space to practice daily morning routines to create meaningful conversations, feel more focused, practice being present in daily life, and find calm at any moment.
Once I established these routines in my life and set a plan, I was able to pay off my debt in three years and find my own apartment. I then worked with an interior designer to create a calming home to work.
In December of 2019, I left my corporate job! Now I work remotely and control my time!

Find Calm Here is an online community offering resources to learn, grow, and build mindful habits by hosting virtual events and cultivating conversations around meditation, yoga, essential oils, massage, self-care, healthy lifestyles, minimalism, organization, building resilience, stress management, and positive mindsets focused on helping you find calm.

Find Calm Here’s Purpose:
What we do
FCH shares resources to have conversations that unlock shared wisdom to adapt, engage, innovate, and change the world for an improved global experience that allows us to thrive, not just survive. We hope to cultivate calm with tools, resources, and strategies that offer guidance for navigating the daily challenges of life.
Find Calm Here’s
Vision for the future
FCH’s vision is to cultivate conversations and build an online community for sharing resources and offering in-depth interviews and sharing stories of how it is possible to find calm in everyday life. We want to grow this community to support and share as many resources as possible.
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