From Beale to Rebellion in 15 days


Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee

An unplanned trip for my new consulting business, Find Calm Here, lead me to spend a few hours with new friends from Alabama over a beer at Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street. Check out the photo gallery here.

The CLIX event brought me to Memphis after I’d met the founder, RD Whitney, who invited me to join community leaders with years of expertise to connect with professionals like myself who are facing (and have faced) similar challenges that will help you prepare for the future of work. I wrote about this on my business blog, here.

Right before the last day of the conference, I found myself on Beale late at night with a few of the vendors who bought an of us a beer the size of my head and a warm, gooey, Insomnia Cookie. If you’ve never had them, they are worth it.

Client work trip to the Biltmore Hotel

Photo by Deb Schell ©

The conference led me to meet a new client over BBQ. I met him on Monday and within the next week, I found myself at the Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables in Miami, Florida. The trip was to learn more about ideal members for a new community for an underserved industry.

Over the three days, I enjoyed the view of the palm trees from the window of my room on the 8th floor. This is the first hotel I’d stayed in that in order to access that floor, I needed my room key.

I discovered this when going up to the 5th floor twice, and arriving at the ground level with a confused look on my face and the same from the people joining me on the elevator. An attendant helped me by telling me the “secret” to getting to this amazing hotel room.

Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables, Miami, Florida.

After a busy work week, I headed to the airport, but the rest of this journey wasn’t almost over. I arrived at the airport really early and made it through security with about 90 minutes until boarding time. I found a table and ordered a beer and some food and went to work on my laptop writing up notes for client documents.

The flight from Miami to Newark airport was the only time I’d planned to dedicate to reading a book on my kindle. It turns out that the flight, which arrived a bit late, ended up being stuck on the tarmac for over an hour and a half, causing me to miss my flight home to Harrisburg.

When I finally deboarded and then stood in line at the United Customer Service, I was told that I’d have to travel to three airports over two days. I asked for directions to the car rentals since it was only 3 hours between my bed and the uncomfortable chairs in the terminal.

After paying almost $500 for a vehicle for less than 12 hours, I was off and got home late, but home.

Rebellion on the Pike

Arriving home late Wednesday night made getting up but I was excited to travel to DC the following day for a trip I’d planned to celebrate my 42nd birthday. Last year I went to catch the cherry blossoms but didn’t get to participate in any live events because everything was virtual in 2021. I decided to stay in a small studio Airbnb in Arlington. After traveling so much, I was really exhausted and when arriving, found myself working for a bit before heading off for dinner. I discovered this place called Rebillon on the Pike.

Cherry Blossom Festival, Petalpalooza

This year I decided to go down a little bit later in the season, and it worked out well that I was able to enjoy a day at the Naval Yard for the Cherry Blossom Festival’s Petalpalooza.

I had a great afternoon grabbing a burger and a beer and then enjoyed some sparkling seltzers, handed out by one of the vendors while chatting with locals who just relocated to DC while we huddled under umbrellas during a brief storm.

Strolling in Old Town Alexandria

On Sunday I decided I wanted to visit Old Town Alexandria, which I’d heard was a nice area to walk around that I hadn’t yet experienced for brunch. After a delicious and filling breakfast, I toured the town and walked along the waterfront while chatting with my sister about upcoming plans.

Birthday stamps, mission accomplished!

I wanted to find the National Park Services “magic place” where over 35 stamps for the NPS Passport Book. I know this is goofy, but I wanted to add more stamps to my growing collection and decided that my birthday would be a great day to challenge myself to find them! After a few failed attempts, I discovered the coveted tiny plastic dresser with drawers that opened up like a jewelry box but instead of rings, held stamps and ink! Where I found them, well… I am keeping that to myself 😉

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