Winter Hiking by the creek

I arrived at Canoe Creek State Park just in time to watch a short but steady snowstorm from the comfort of my warm car. As the snowflakes slowed, I found a fun trail to travel up and down hills for a bit to get back on track with my plan for hiking. In addition to Canoe Creek State Park, I visited Reed’s Gap State Park, Warrior’s Path State Park, and Trough Creek State Park.

In 2021, I challenged myself to hike at 52 Pennsylvania State Parks.

By year’s end, I had been able to make it to 36 parks.

Now I’m challenging myself to double my tally to reach 72 by end of 2022. Below are a few photos from my recent hikes.

Reed’s Gap State Park

Reeds Gap State Park – By Deb Schell – More Photos

Canoe Creek State Park

Photo by Deb Schell – More photos

One of the best things about winter hiking is enjoying the silence of the trees and the babbling of the brooks and creek. Recently I visited Canoe Creek State Park to the west in Pennsylvania.

After the past few years of hiking, most of which in the fall, spring, and summer, I really wanted to try more winter hiking and managed to get to a few parks with my orange jacket (it is hunting season) and cleats.

Warrior’s Path State Park

Warrior’s Path – By Deb Schell – More photos

Trough Creek State Park

Trough Creek State Park – By Deb Schell – More photos

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