2021 Travel Tales – The “Beach Year”

Today is the second to last day of 2021 and I’m sitting in my hotel room in St. Petersburg, Florida overlooking a beautiful pool within a garden of palm trees (my favorite), and in the distance, I can see Tampa Bay.

After pivoting to building an online business in 2020 and now becoming a full-time Community Strategist and Entrepreneur, the Founder of Find Calm Here LLC, I’m able to travel while taking client calls!

My theme for 2021 was “Beach Year” based on the many, many beaches I visited this year. Over the year I have been to scenic coastal views in Maine, Rhoad Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania (Lake Erie has a beach.) Now that I’ve got some time to reflect on all of the amazing places I’ve visited this year, I’m sharing the highlights with you!

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Epic East Coast Solo Road Trip

In the beginning of 2021, I started the year with an epic solo road trip to visit a friend in Maine for a few days and then traveled back down to Pennsylvania with a few stops along the way. Check out my travel blog about the trip here.

PA State Park 52 Hike Challenge Announced

Inspired by my travels to California in 2020, while visiting National Parks, I realized that there are so many Pennsylvania State Parks that I haven’t visited. So in 2021, I challenged myself to visit 52 state parks. Starting in March, I’d already missed out on 2 months so I needed to “catch up” over the rest of the year.

At year’s end, I’ve made it to 36 Pennsylvania State Parks and I’m proud of my diligence in putting this at the top of my priorities. I made this challenge so that I’d be more mobile in 2021 to lose the weight I’d gained in the prior six months. Check out the many posts I’ve done on state parks on this blog, here’s the last one.

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

For years I’ve wanted to make it to Washington DC in time to catch the Cherry Blossoms and this year I finally got there. It’s been on my bucket list for years, but I just hadn’t made the time to travel there until this year. Check out my blog post for more photos of DC.

Birthday Celebration in Cocoa Beach, Florida

In April, after almost eight months of non-travel and seeing way too much Netflix over the winter, I finally got on a plane and took a trip down to Cocoa Beach, Florida for my birthday. You can check out that blog post here.

Back to Maine, Summer Hiking Edition

In June, just six months after my very first visit, I returned to Maine to enjoy warmer weather, hiking, swimming, and spectacular views. Check out my post on hiking at Acadia National Park.

Virginia Beach Views – My FAVORITE BEACH in 2021

Being Location Independent means I can work while watching waves at Virginia Beach. I visited a few times because one of my best friends lives in the area. It was my FAVORITE beach of 2021 because for the first time EVER, I went swimming in the ocean! (I’d been too scared to be pulled by the undertow in the past).

Pennsylvania’s Erie Lake Beach Views

I visited Presque Isle State Park in August when traveling to visit a friend who lives not too far from Erie. Here is the blog post about the trip to Erie.

Camping at the PA Grand Canyon

After visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona, back in 2019 (feels like a decade ago), I learned that Pennsylvania had its own version of the canyon. In November, I planned a camping trip to hike, photograph, and explore. Check out that blog post here.

What’s next?

When I return from my vacation in St. Pete, I’ll write up a post about it, so stay tuned!
Recently I announced that I will no longer be interacting on Facebook. My photo blog will continue here so please subscribe to this blog to follow my travel journey in 2022. Lots of things are in the works for planning the next year. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to share my next adventure!

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  1. Joanne Flynn Black says:

    This is an amazing recap! Looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings for you.

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