Cherry Blossoms in DC

For years I’ve wanted to make it to Washington DC in time to catch the Cherry Blossoms and this year I finally got there. It’s been on my bucket list for years, but I just hadn’t made the time to travel there until this year.

The first visit of this year was in mid-March at the kickoff of the Cherry Blossom Festival. I had booked an Airbnb for myself and my boyfriend the month before, in hopes we would catch them blooming. Unfortunately most of the trees only had buds, so we didn’t get to see so many on that trip.

Washinton, DC – Pennsylvania Ave, SE – More Photos

Washington DC Eats & Drinks

Friday evening, when we arrived, we experienced some great soul food at District Soul Food & Lounge, without a reservation! It’s a great spot to enjoy some unique dishes.

After a quick stop at our Airbnb on E Street, we headed back out for drinks at Valor Brewpub and had some whiskey, which was fantastic! This is a great neighborhood and we’d stay there again because of the connivance of so many restaurants to choose from and it is a 30-min walk to all of the national monuments. Our Airbnb was also great and we had wonderful hosts.

Saturday we were ready to explore DC and ventured out and about walking from East DC towards Tidal Basin, where many of the cherry blossoms awaited our arrival. 🙂 We walked past the US Capitol building which was blockaded off for what seamed like miles, forcing us to backtrack because even the side-streets were blocked off. The detour did allow us to find one blooming cherry blossom tree, yay!!

We ventured down to The Wharf and found a great linner (lunch + dinner) spot at Tiki TNT & Potomac Distilling Company. They had a wait but after about 15 minutes, we found our way through the maze of stairs to a corner and enjoyed a light meal of some appetizers and drinks.

A short walk after our meal, we arrived at Tidal Basin to discover lots of buds and no cherry blossoms. By then we were about done, so we went in search of scooters, which after a bunch of tries, we found some and took off. I tried a bike, which didn’t have any assist, and traded with my boyfriend a little later, for the scooter. This is the first time I was ever riding one, and luckily I was on flat streets, so I did pretty well. Until that curb moved, and I ran right into it, smack!! I fell right on my face.. well my boyfriend says that I tumbled, either way, I was alright, with just a bit of a sore hand from the fall. Sunday we had brunch at amazing Greek eatery, Cava Mezze, before heading out of town.

Tidal Basin, Washington DC, Cherry Blossoms – More Photos

Second Time is the Charm!

We ventured back to DC the first weekend of April, and this time, we were in luck, cherry blossoms were all over the city. This trip I decided to book something closer to Tidal Basin so we could catch them at sunset. After a much more traffic than the first visit, we arrived at our hotel, walked a few blocks down, and was delighted to see cherry blossoms!~ We didn’t do much else that weekend and really just enjoyed the blossoms 🙂

Tidal Basin, Washington DC, Cherry Blossoms

Click here for more photos!

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