Epic West Coast Road Trip, Part 7


When talking about a trip to California, one place I’d always wanted to see was San Fransisco. I found the hills and street cars fascinating. But besides the movies, I had no idea what to expect. When arriving the first thing to see was the Golden Gate Bridge. Did you want to read part 6 of this West Coast Epic Road Trip? Check it out here!

Photo by Deb Schell/ Click Here for More photos

What’s really crazy about this is that I had a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge on my 2020 vision board, which I created in January. At that time I had no intention of visiting San Francisco. My plan was to travel to Sacramento in March to visit friends. That trip was cancelled due to the shutdown. The visual aspect which I included in my vision board represented a trip across the country and not so much the actual place, but apparently my not-so-intentional choice to include this element was validated during this trip. This would’ve made my trip all worth it, but my boyfriend had other ideas in mind. Since he was from California, he knew some of the tourist spots that I’d enjoy, and we checked out Fisherman’s Wharf and took a drive down Lafayette Street. For only spending about two hours in San Francisco, we made the stop worth it. We only planned to stop briefly in San Francisco on our way up to Glass Beach, Fort Bragg.

Photo by Deb Schell/ Click Here for more photos

After a 4-hour drive from San Francisco, we arrived at Glass Beach in the early evening. The beach, which no longer has glass, got its name from the smooth colorful glass pieces that used to be mixed into the pebbly beach. This site was once a trash dump so broken bottles from the garbage cans of local residents have been transformed into little treasures to be found and photographed (and left behind). It is illegal to remove any glass from Glass Beach, but this hasn’t stopped people from taking what seems like a harmless amount. Over the years thousands of these pocketfuls have depleted the beach of its namesake glass.

What could be considered a disappointment, to me was just what I needed, a breath of fresh air. Standing on the ridge and looking out into the Pacific Ocean, I was mesmerized by the waves crashing up against rocks. I enjoyed photographing the waves while my boyfriend tried to find and photograph remnants of the glass that used to line the beach. We stayed till sunset and then jumped in the SUV we had rented to take us to our accommodations for the evening.

Jet skiing in Clear Lake

I had decided to book something inland after leaving Glass Beach due to rates of hotel rooms in that area. We found a nice farm stay that had a beautiful suite above the event space. Something I’ve never done, but have always wanted to do was go jet skiing, and we were in luck when we found out that nearby our Airbnb was a boat and jet ski rental company. We had decided to go jet skiing the in the morning before we headed to Sacramento for our final few nights in California. Here’s a link to the YouTube Video of our trip. I tried to capture a bit of the lake, but the fog really didn’t allow for much visibility. We have a few more stops before this road trip comes to an end, which I’ll share in part 8, coming soon! Hang tight~

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