Information + Implementation = Transformation

Two years ago I joined a community to support me in my endeavor to create, build, and start an online business so I could be location independent. That journey took me down many roads, and I was overwhelmed with information, courses, and ideas. I spent hours in the evening after work and over the weekend diving into all the resources in the Location Indie community.

Two years later, after I used the tools, I’ve created the life I wanted, location independence. It didn’t come easy. It didn’t come fast. It was confusing. But along the way, I did the work and didn’t give up. I listened to webinars, saved my money, paid off debt, jumped on a plane, and traveled to places I’ve never been, stepping out into the world all alone for a moment. I connected with people who live in other states and even countries than I do in the past two years. This community has become my second family and some of my best friendships have been discovered with these people. Because I used the tools and had the desire to make a change in my life. I knew no matter what, that if these people could do it, then I could do it. 

Some three months into 2020, I worked to create a community to share resources and tools to find calm in the chaos of daily life. Over the past few months and weeks, I thought that no place would be better to seek out calm than the platform and community I’ve built. And so I invited some people in and have been working on engagement ever since.

It was these past few days that I realized I’m not taking full advantage of the tools I’m providing to others. So if I’m not even using my OWN resources, how will other people understand how to use them. Since then, I’ve started to work on myself, to clean up my diet and reduce the stress that I’ve felt.

July 2020 VIsion Board

I’ve set goals for weight loss and making healthier choices for my best self. I have started journaling daily, being accountable to a few friends, and trying new workouts. I’ve been working on mindful eating an using the Eat Right Now app that I’ve had on my phone since March, to check-in and measure my cravings. The tools on that app are so valuable, yet I still didn’t use them as intentionally as I could’ve to create change in the past few months.

I know what I have to do, but I was getting in my own way. Not any more. I’m done with feeling horrible after drinking too much. I’m over the feeling indulging and the tiredness that follows. I don’t want to be a marshmallow. Somehow in the midst of the past three months, I regressed into the past version of myself. I’m not sure why exactly this occurred. I haven’t been working and have the ability to control my time, yet I was struggling to gain control over my habits.

So now I’m using my own tools and what I know works for me. And I will create change in my life again. I have booked a flight and am traveling to California, so I’ve got deadlines for feeling better and having more energy to enjoy that trip!~ What else is more important than my health and wellbeing? Nothing. So I’ll use the tools. I hope you find a way to use the tools you have to support you. I really believe I have all I need to be successful. And you do too!Check out the vision board workshop I held at the beginning of July to help find and set your goal! If you are interested in joining the Find Calm Here Community, it’s now FREE! Check it out!

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