Leaping is worth the risk

“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.”
― Henry David Thoreau

It’s leap day today and I found myself wondering how I’d spend this extra day. Time seems so short, and I’ve found myself busier than ever trying to be productive, yet enjoy life.

This year started out with freedom. I had recently quit my office job, opting to leap into the world of remote work, and part-time sales. And for the first month, I kicked back and enjoyed not checking into an office. That first month I really was finding the right “schedule” that worked to work, while not feeling overwhelmed. I took a road trip down to Georgia to visit my cousin and explored parts of Tennessee, getting to Ruby Falls. 


Had I not taken a leap and left my corporate job, I wouldn’t have had the time off to be able to do some traveling and really explore. It also helped me identify what I really wanted and needed to focus on going into February.

As I developed a plan and strategy for developing relationships, balancing two part-time jobs, and working to build a plan for freelance writing, I found that I could still enjoy simple moments. I was able to enjoy long conversations with friends in the middle of the day, drinking tea and catching up on life. I was able to watch the sunset and go running along the river on a not-so-cold evening. I was able to be on calls with my Location Indie crew and listen as some of my friends discussed struggles and wins from the past year.


I’d saved some money before I took the leap, so it wasn’t like I was starving, but I knew I needed to make money. I started doing the scary thing, finding leads. Making cold calls. Getting the “no” and the hangups. This is sales, and that’s part of the business. But in the midst of it all, I started to get traction. I started to get a positive response and have some great conversations. I’ve got tons of opportunities in the works because I made the calls. I walked into businesses and asked the questions to get to the decision-maker.

It is hard work, but the alternative is a life that is on someone else’s schedule. I wake up and run the day. I get my morning routine done before I sit at my desk, then I make the calls, send the emails, and do the followups to close deals.

I head out, sometimes in the rain, and sometimes I don’t feel like driving in the rain, so I make calls to find out who I need to talk to ask the questions and win the business.

To have NO FEAR and ask for the VIP even though I’m not a person with a “title” I call and get through the doorkeeper, and to the person who is ultimately going to decide. That’s what it takes, fearlessness. And I will continue to practice that every day.

One thing I did realize is that my relationship with money has changed over the past few years. I now know what I’m capable of making, and in sales, when you work for yourself, there’s no cap, no roof to hit. I just keep climbing and closing. I know I will be successful because I work at it, it doesn’t just happen. I make it happen. But because I leaped, I can now enjoy sunsets, long afternoon conversations over tea, and traveling just because I want to visit a friend. I’m heading to California in a few weeks and thrilled to be in warmer weather.

The yellow pins are my travel plans for the year. Cheers!


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