How I See Love.

Love is a warm bed with satin sheets on a chilly winter morning. 

Love is the light flicker of candles dancing in a dark room. 

Love is the warm cup of tea nestled in palms, warming the skin before the throat. 

Love is coloring pencils being sharpened to fill in the empty spaces. 

Love is magazines spread all over the floor in search of the inspiration to create vision.

Love is morning yoga that allows the body fluid mindful movements for intention. 

Love is a friend who shows up with time, attention, and energy to live another day. 

Love is being alone and feeling delighted for quiet hours with a book and jazz music. 

Love is a long hike alone with only trees to listen to the crackling leaves amid dirt trails. 

Love is the first time a foot crosses from one country to another and a traveler is born. 

Love is the hug of a nephew tugging on curly hair as he grips elbows and squeezes tight. 

Love is the first road sign alerting of a state border ahead, crossing a new path. 

Love is short breaths turn to steady calm after a climb on top of a mountain range. 

Love is improv by creating a moment that is one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated.

Love is live theatre stirring the soul, sweeping the crowd with the story being told. 

Love is live music that speaks to the inner child, lighting up the darkness, finding soul. 

Love is being present and holding space for others when it’s hard. 


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