10 Best Experiences of 2019

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sitting in front of my candle-lit fireplace, drinking some sparkling water and sipping on a cabernet from 2017. I page through the “workbook” I’d used to create goals for 2019, reflecting on my accomplishments this year. I reflected on the goals I’d set for the new year. Below are the highlights and accomplishments of the year. I can truly say I’m proud of my progress. I’ll keep moving forward and challenging myself in 2020. I know this will be an amazing year with lots of possibilities. 2019 was the year of ACTION. With no doubts, no fears, I took charge of my life and made things happen.

Mt Sniktau 37#10 Traveling with my best friend 

Traveling to Denver, Colorado for a second time was even better when I brought my best friend along for the trip. Christina and I have been friends since I was 15 and 24 years later we took a trip together. Over the years we’ve been friends we’ve stayed connected and I’m so thankful that I was able to share experiences with her.


#9 Grand Canyon Views

I’ve gotten to travel to Arizona for the first time this year and stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I was lucky enough to travel to both the South and North rim. I created some photographs and tried to replicate the photographs my grandfather had created on a trip he’d taken. I am thankful to have shared this experience with my mother who had the idea to go together. I can’t wait to return!

Photo Slide Curtain#8 Photo Slide Project

I spent over 20 hours over four months putting together this photo slide curtain for my kitchen window. For someone who isn’t “crafty”, it was a challenge. Sticking to see it through to finish and being patient with myself through the process is something I’m really proud to say I’ve accomplished.

Schell_pan_05212019#7 Dental Work

I’ve gotten through this last six months amazingly but with a completely different perspective on pain. The dental work I’ve had done over the past few months allowed me to deepen my meditation practice to deal with the pain, but on the flip-side, I now have an awesome smile that I love and have confidence I’ve never had to smile without fear that I’ll be embarrassed.


#6 Skydiving Adventure

I jumped out of a plane. That’s something I’d never thought I’d ever say. I’m thankful for the experience and glad I did it, but wow, was that crazy. If I never do that again, it will be too soon. It did teach me a few things, for one, I’ll never, ever think something is impossible. If I can do that, there’s clearly nothing I’m incapable of doing.

#5 Whitewater Rafting / Kayaking

I spent the summer learning how to be a whitewater rafting guide and navigating the currents of the Leigh River. The first time I was in a kayak I was terrified to fall out. By the end of the summer, I was wishing the season wasn’t ending and trying to figure out how I can get back out again soon.

Bedroom 2

#4 Designed my ideal living space

With intention and ambition, I worked with interior designers and created a home. My new apartment is now fully furnished and I enjoy entertaining as well as spending time reading in my new space. In six months I went from a blank canvas to a creative bungalow filled with inspiring books, invigorating essential oils, and bright, refreshing, and heart-warming artwork.

19 Nightlife Queretaro#3 International Travel

For the first time, I stepped off a plane into another country. I had experiences that will last a lifetime. I connected with friends and met new friends, as well as was able to learn about history and culture. I can’t wait to get back to Mexico!

#2 Paying off Debt!

In 2019 I made my final payment on my student loan. I used to say I’d be paying that debt till I was 95-years-old. And now I can say I’ve paid off a total of $46K in just over 3 years. I’m proud of being able to say I’ve been debt-free. Now I know I can tackle the dental work debt and anything else that comes up because if I can do that, I can do anything. It changed my entire perspective on money.

Peña de Bernal LI Crew#1 Quitting my office job!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be location independent in 2020! (Shout Out to the Location Indie community for supporting me this year !!!) This was a goal of mine for 2019 and after careful thought, I’ve decided to transition to some opportunities that will allow flexibility in my schedule. I’m my own boss in a sense, I control my time and my income more than ever. I’m not “punching a clock” anymore. I will set appointments, make calls, and show up in my life to create momentum for doing the work that matters to me. I’m excited to start a new journey and create, live, and take more action in 2020.


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