Find Calm Here 2020 Calendar~

Each year for the past eight years I’ve offered a photo calendar to friends and family since so many are interested in supporting my work. I’ve curated my best photography I’ve created over the year into the calendar and each year has a theme.

For this year, I’m opening it up to anyone who’s interested in purchasing a calendar and the theme for this year is Find Calm Here, destinations for mindfulness.

find-calm-here-v-stackedEarlier this year I shared my passion for mindfulness and wanting to be fully present when traveling. It lead me to create a website and highlight my favorite destinations where I was able to find a moment of solitude. I am looking forward to sharing more of these images in the new year.

calendar 2

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar you’ll need to email me at with a request for either a mini or standard size. Pricing is to be determined but if you email me I’ll get back to you with a price.

Find Calm Here


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