Being Present on a Peaceful Trail Ride

At the beginning of this year, on January 1st, I went on a trail hike with my friend Adrienne. We talked about the goals we had for the year and what things we wanted to try. Among the many activities I had hoped to do, horseback riding was one. I’ve never been horseback riding and so when I mentioned it, Adrianne said she’d love to join me on this adventure.

I found a place not too far from where we all lived, in Elizabethtown, called Ironstone Ranch. We decided for early September to take the adventure and I invited my sister along for the ride. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was really actually afraid that I’d fall off. The only time I can remember being around a large animal was taking a donkey ride in Alaska when I was 16, but even that memory was blurry.

Horseback Riding MelodyAs we arrived and got acquainted with the horses, I was amazed at how gentle the house seemed to be when I was sitting on top, holding onto the saddle and working to keep my feet in the stirrups. As someone who’s a bit fearful of animals, to begin with, it was easy to see why Adrienne loved horseriding, they seem to love being around people.

It’s now November and with all my adventures this year, I’ve been catching up on video editing and sharing these amazing experiences. This year was a year of ACTION for me.

Just to name a few, I traveled internationally for the first time, I’ve rafted in the Yough, I went skydiving, I climbed a thirteener,  I became a whitewater rafting guide, I tried aerial yoga, and I visited the Grand Canyon! What a year! I’m working on setting goals for 2020 and so excited to share the next great adventure. Stay tuned!


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