Floating is freedom to loving myself more

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”
― Amy Bloom

Hanging upsidedown with my feet wrapped around fabric hanging from the ceiling and I’m about as vulnerable as I can possibly be when I see the yoga instructor taking my photo.

I fidget and realize that the more I fidget, the more I feel like I’m going to fall out of this cocoon that’s around my sacrum.

When talking about aerial yoga, my first thought was I’m not strong enough to get up into a fabric cacoon and swing like Jane Porter. (Tarzan’s girlfriend)

I have a daily yoga practice, but yet I was fearful of swinging around and terrified that I’d fall and crack open my head. That’s literally what I thought as I was getting into this thing and hanging upside down, what if I fall?

But the body has a way of self-preservation. So the truth is, I’m not going to fall because I catch myself.

Wow. That’s profound. To think that I could be there for me, and not need someone to catch me. I think that’s what I’ working through right now.

After the class was over, and I headed home, I returned to find two photos of me from the class. And I had a choice. I could feel frustrated for looking like an idiot handing from the fabric or I could share the image and accept me, the real me, who’s feet are all twisted and hair is standing up (while I’m upside down) and I could accept all that and just be me. It’s funny. But I think that’s the hardest thing, to accept the person I am today, without photoshop to “fix” what’s wrong, because I’m learning that there’s nothing “wrong” with me, I’m just me.

And that’s okay. It’s better than okay, it’s great.

If you are in Central Pennsylvania, visit Float Yoga of Lancaster to try floating for yourself!


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