Annapolis Adventures

A day trip to Annapolis, Maryland offered awareness about the history, exciting challenges of captaining a ship at sea and enjoying delicious food and local beer. Maryland’s capital, Annapolis is located on the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Severn River, 25 miles south of Baltimore and about 30 miles east of Washington D.C.

Annapolis is only about eight square miles; giving visitors tons of options without having to travel too far between experiences once they arrive, making it the perfect destination for a day-trip or long weekend.

MARYLAND STATE HOUSE Annapolis MD 2 w sigFor the history buffs, Annapolis served as the capital of the United States from 1783-1784 is filled with 18th-century brick homes, and offers self-guided tours of the 1700s-era State House as well as other historical destinations of significance.

This city is also a boaters dream, and many sail into port and dock to discover the town, taking advantage of the water taxis and meeting friends for dinner in Ego Alley, a popular stretch of the inner harbor that allows boats to dock and explore.

With breezy boutiques, artisan shops, a city market with fresh local produce, pubs featuring locally sourced seafood, wine, and beer, there’s something for everyone in Annapolis.

William Paca House & Garden 3 w SIGTake a tour of this 18th-century Georgian mansion, now a National Historic Landmark designed by  on a 2-acre piece of land. The house was converted into a hotel and was previously known as Carvel Hall, but now allows visitors to discover history with guided tours of the rooms that feature original woodwork and an expansive garden with outdoor seating for taking it all in while you relax.

Enjoy sailing at sea on the Harbor Queen while learning about the various attractions that Annapolis has to offer. The 40-minute cruise offers to seat in an air-conditioned cabin as well as above with an open view of the bay. If you speak to Captin Nick Smith, he may let you steer this ship, like I did.

The day was fantastic, I did sightseeing, ate lunch, had ice cream, sailed the bay, and did a bit of shopping, and all in one day.

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