Improv Lessons, Fun? Yes! And…

After 8 weeks, I’ve finished my (2nd) Level 1 Improv Class! I initially decided to take it over the winter to keep myself from hibernating but found that it also helped me get let go and have fun, laugh, and improve my practice of being present.

Here are five reasons why I loved the improv class. Think you want to check it out? You should! Wherever you live, check out the local improv scene. Here in Central Pennsylvania, I am involved at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre.

YES! AND… why I’m going to do another one.

Improv Level 1

  1. Acceptance of what is presented on stage (or in life) without judgment.
  2. Learning to laugh at myself, and stop taking life so seriously.
  3. Building friendships with compassion and kindness.
  4. Letting go of what others think, that’s a big one.
  5. Awareness of my actions and words, that they matter.

Improv Flowers

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