How to Make an AWESOME Vision Board for 2019 Goals!!

I’ve been doing Vision Boards, using magazines, glue, and poster board, for the past year. Creating boards each month, and sometimes multiple boards per month, focusing on a topic or mood. (Career Goals and Happy Thoughts)

I’ve created them on my own and with friends and I’ve found that I really love the time I spend creating these so much that I wanted to share my most recent one since several people have asked me how I do my vision boards. I love listening to music, especially on vinyl, to get the right mood for designing the board.

vb making one

For the 2019 Goal board, I pulled focus ideas from my New Years Goal Workbook that I’d done over, highlighting on what I want to make progress on and how I’m creating change in my life. But sometimes I create boards based on what kind of job I want, or the changes in my body, or reminding myself to keep things simple.

Whatever idea or concept I want to have as a visual reminder, I start there, and page through magazines, cutting out words, photos, phrases, and designs that I’m drawn to that match the vision board theme. I get free subscriptions of magazines when I use travel points and discovered that I can get them for FREE instead of buying them at the store!

I also find that I have friends who work in doctor’s offices and they always have lots of magazines lying around and throw them away! The key to the magazines is getting ones that are positive and uplifting images and words. I’ve also found that college recruiting magazines/promos also make for some good copy to use for a vision board.

Vision board magazines

Here’s an overview of the goals I was working from for context to my board:

  1. Health & Wellness Goals – Being in control and feeling my best
  2. Travel Goals- Upcoming travel to Mexico and hopefully many more trips
  3. Letting Go of Stress – Focus and Feeling Connected to my mind and body
  4. Experience Adventure- Challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone.
  5. Have fun! – Enjoy the world, dance, laugh, play!

Vision Board


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