Austin Adventures, Part 3: Facing Fear

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a fear of doing things that are outside of my comfort zone. When I started traveling earlier this year, I decided that each trip would include something that pushes me past self-limiting beliefs.

This is the third part in my Austin Adventures series, check out Part 1 & Part 2~

“The future is defined by those that change the past. We need you to make a ruckus.” – Seth Godin

My ability to create change in this past year has surpassed my own goals, hopes, and dreams. In this awakening, I’m realizing that I’ve just scratched the surface to what I’m capable of doing and what is possible. To help better clarify, I will just say that I hadn’t planned to travel, to lose 35 lbs, or to join an amazing group of people who would’ve become my best friends and support me in every step towards my new goals.

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In planning for my trip to Austin, I had wanted to do one experience that was outside of my comfort zone and I found this deal on Groupon for Ziplining at Lake Travis. I knew this was the experience that would be scary enough but not “crazy” scary and it’s one step closer for me in the “adventure zone” towards my goals of being more outdoorsy and adventurous. I signed up before I went to Austin, which meant I wasn’t going to back out because I’d already paid for it, and I was doing it!

After mentioning to a few people that I was planning to do the Zipline, a friend mentioned that I should video the experience with a GoPro, but I didn’t have one. I was thinking to find places for day rentals on video gear, then discovered while hanging out with a friend who I’d met while visiting Texas, that she had one AND was willing to let me borrow it! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is the way fate lines up in this year. I had recently met Alexandra at our Location Indie meet up in Denver, in September. She had driven down from Waco, where she lives, to meet up with me and now she was offering to let me borrow her camera. I am just so thankful that I was able to get it back to her in one piece (thank goodness for camera straps!)

I ran around, getting a charger and card for the camera and then once I’d successfully charged it up, I headed out for a quick stop at a park I wanted to check out right before my Zipline, scheduled for early in the afternoon. After a quick trail run to warm up at Bull Creek Park, I headed over to Lake Travis, over hilly roads, which I wasn’t expecting for Texas. It was cold, 40 degrees. Also not what I expected for Texas, even though it was winter, I figured it had to be warmer. When I got to the Zipline place and checked in, my tour guides informed me that the two other people who had signed up for the same time slot as myself, hadn’t shown up, so I’d be getting the VIP solo tour, which I was happy with, as I started to feel really anxious.


All these feelings came up, like for example when I had to get on a scale. Yes, they weighed me for obvious safety reasons, and that was really challenging for me to let go. I knew that I’d made amazing changes this year in my health and my body, and I was proud of the weight loss. But I also had indulged a bit in Austin and was feeling a bit bloated and heavy. I also still have feelings now and then of the person I was, that overweight, heavy, sad, and depressed person. Thankfully my awesome tour guides were funny and even had an “ice cooler challenge” to make me laugh to kick things off.

As I got to the first one Zip Line, I realized I am doing this. And as I took my first step, off the metal step and into the air, I realized that it felt so great to let go and experience life, trusting that that line would hold me, and opening my eyes to the possibility that I can do amazing things! Nothing, except my self-limiting beliefs and doubts, will stop me. And even though it was really cold, I had an amazing time, feeling the wind on my face, spinning around on the zip line, and flying in the air, like a bird. It was one of the most wonderful and inspiring experiences of my life. I can trust that the new path I’m creating, and practice I’m doing, will lead me in the right direction. I’m trusting that this will all work out.

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