Discovering Essential Oils- Join me!

Mount Sanitas Deb DoterraThis year my focus has been on wellness and finding peace and happiness in being alone and discovering how essential oils have helped me to be calm and feel a sense of relaxation.

I first started using oils for neck pain and stress relief, but I quickly realized that I could use it for making a refreshing drink, moisturizing my face and body, and replacing other chemical-filled products in my life with natural alternatives. I also experienced depression and anxiety in the last few years with stress between work and challenges with personal relationships. Wanting to find healthy ways to deal with stress, essential oils are now in my healthy toolbox to treat my emotional challenges.

Here are some of my favorite oils, how I use them, and why I love them.

Cebarwood Vertical with background oilsCedarwood – This reminds me of growing up as a kid with a cedar chest, the woody smell that it provides offers a feeling of belonging. This oil assists the heart in the opening to receive the love and support of others. It invites the strong-willed individual to couple the strength of individuality with the supportive power of community. If you just read my recent post on my “Travel Tribe” then you’ll understand how and may even relate to this feeling that we all have of wanting to feel belonging. I diffuse this in the morning while I’m doing yoga and journaling. It helps me feel connected and grounded.

Clary Sage – This oil has been my staple in my diffuser during my morning meditations on days when I’m feeling a creative block or struggling with a challenging unwanted negative emotion like confusion and discouragement. Clary Sage assists in opening creative channels and clearing creative blocks. I’ve been reading The Artist Way and working through my creative ideas with openness and lighthearted questioning of my strengths, weaknesses, and destructive habits. This oil teaches and encourages me to see the truth, dispelling darkness and illusions, helping me to see my limiting beliefs.

Lemongrass Horizontal w TreeLemongrass – As someone who loves the smell of fresh lemon, and who sometimes has feelings of despair and lethargy, Lemongrass is easily one of my top favorite oils. I use it in my diffuser to aid in cleansing the negative energy in my space, with this fresh and powerful scent, it has the ability to help me let go of toxic feelings. I’ve also used it topically from time to time when having intense cravings and feelings of past darkness. It helps me have a sense of clarity and simplicity.

Patchouli – Mindfulness has been an important tool in my morning meditation and daily habits of healthy eating. Patchouli helps me feel fully present while practicing yoga by helping me feel balanced and grounded. The oil calms fears and nervous tension, aiding in a deeper bond with the spirit and helping me connect to my body. I use this oil in my diffuser and also massage it into my temples or take deep breaths while inhaling the scent as I do my meditation practice. Patchouli is known to help appreciate the body and feel present in the moment.

Vetiver Horizontal 2Vetiver – Focus is important when trying to get tasks done and I have the tendency to be easily distracted. So any improvements in focus will help me be more effective and efficient, which is why I love using this oil. Vetiver brings feelings of true self and awareness of being connected to self-awareness. It’s helpful to diffuse this oil while writing or working on photo editing. I also enjoy this oil when I’m reading at night.

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