Denver Experience, Part 4

Denver EX LI 4September 28

Journal Entry: I believe in the power of just being aware of the space where you are, and I love that about our group. We talked about our challenges and what’s stopping us from moving closer to this life we want. 

Friday morning kicked off the Location Indie Denver Experience, the conference that inspired me to book my trip in the first place. (For more on that, check out my first part)

We started as a group to warm up with Tai Chi and some “hot seats” where some of the LI community members talked about challenges they are facing in their LI business, and we split up into groups, writing out challenges and solutions on the wall which was covered with “whiteboard paint” allowing us to put our ideas literally all over the walls. I wrote about people who inspire me and took notes on ideas to develop my brand, my business ideas, and resources shared by others. We talked about ways to have more time and how important it is to prioritize self-care at the top of the list. All of these things I’d been working on since the beginning of this year. I’ve done a deep dive into self-care and time management, trying to “work” less and create more, by getting out of debt, it frees up my time to dedicate to writing and reading. I wrote out my ideal day in contrast to my normal day right now, which is a stark difference, because I currently have an office/sales job and I’m working to build skills to create a location independent business.

LI A Team at Indian PlaceAfter a full morning, we broke for lunch and our free afternoon, and a group of us headed over to Biju’s Little Curry Shop for fast and friendly service where true southern style ingredients are combined with a little spice to give it a kick. Add some protein or keep it vegan, it’s your call, but they’ll make sure your visit is full of flavor. I was able to chat with and plan out the afternoon and a few of us decided to head over the Denver Art Museum.

We spent the next few hours viewing inspiring artwork, starting with Rembrandt drawings, in a sole venue that showcased 100 prints from his career from 1625 to 1665. This work was brilliantly detailed and one of my favorite collections in the museum. There was also the Stampede: Animals in Art. This cross-departmental exhibition brings together more than 300 objects from the Denver Art Museum’s collection to explore the presence of animals in art throughout centuries and across cultures. As we talked and walked through the different exhibitions, I thought how awesome it was that I was sharing this experience with my new travel friends. I’ve gone to many galleries in the past few years and by far, this one touched me deeply, and I think that had something to do with the people I was with, having the shared experience.

Ace Eat Serve 6We finished the day at this awesome space called Ace Eat Serve, which features three unique spaces, housed in the old Storz Garage space at the corner of 17th & Pennsylvania. Repurposed and recycled materials are used throughout the space to create an industrial design and comfortable setting that compliments the history of the building. An energetic atmosphere, bar seating and casual dining ensures everyone has a great time. Our group had two tables and after some organization, we got a tournament set up, which was my idea and a ton of fun, even though I lost in the first round.

I was able to connect with some of these guys and we had an awesome time chatting about being location independent and how each of their journey’s had turns, failures, successes, and struggles, and none of them would ever go back to a traditional life. Excited about the next day, and realizing it was late, I shared an Uber with some of the guys that had stayed late, and we headed back to the house to rest up for the day to come.

September 29

Journal Entry: This group of amazing people, who do what they love, work hard, and support each other are a true inspiration to me. I feel included and important. I find warmth and joy in being a part of this amazing group. 

LI Denver Experience 2Saturday started out with early morning adventures through RiNo and arriving at our workspace again, to connect and learn more about each other. My favorite part of the day was learning about other places to travel from a native. One of the guys in our group talked about Varna, Bulgaria, and described the best time to go, where to stay, the lifestyle, the atmosphere, the challenges with WiFi and the culture. Another person in our group described the affordability of living in Mexico, the great weather that is experienced, and the diverse cultures, highlighting the best places to fly into and out of, and that it’s easy when you know people, and now I know people! I took detailed notes about the travel tips in hope to connect with my new friends out in the world someday.

DenExPhotos (185 of 188)Following our morning session, our fearless leaders, Travis and Jason told us they were buying everyone ice cream at the market and then we’d get a group photo. We headed over to the Denver Central Market, a gourmet marketplace with a variety of local vendors including a bakery, coffee shop, fish market, butcher, rotisserie, chocolate shop, ice cream, wood-fired pizza, salad, and sandwiches. Take home Denver’s finest selection of dry goods; from fresh bread to olive oil to spices. After our group photo, we had the rest of the day free, and I decided I wanted to go out on a hike. Alexis had wanted to join me and we found an Uber driver who took us out to Red Rock, which several people had mentioned I check out when I was in Denver.

Red Rock 2

Take in a concert at the one and only Red Rocks—a geologically formed, open-air amphitheater that is not duplicated anywhere in the world. The Amphitheatre consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) that provide acoustic perfection for any performance. Red Rocks Amphitheatre has become a popular site for runners and those looking for a challenging workout at 6,400 feet.

After our walk up and around the breathtaking views, and lots of photographs while we walked, in addition to stopping and posing for photos, we called it a day, and called an Uber driver to pick us up. Alexis chatted with the driver while I was on my phone and just relaxing. The LI group had gotten a surprise special event as part of the weekend and attended a baseball game. I was needing some quiet time, and just wanting to be alone, so I opted out of the game tickets, since I’m not that into baseball anyway, and headed back to the house to change. I decided to check out a brewery that I had seen when first arriving in Denver, Blue Moon. I walked a few short blocks and asked to sit near the fire pits, enjoying a sampler of craft beers while watching the flickering fire and talking a bit to a couple across from me about the town. I then called it a night, heading back to the house to get some rest.

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