Rediscovering Annville, my hometown

“If you really want to escape the things that harass you, what you’re needing is not to be in a different place but to be a different person.”
Seneca, Letters from a Stoic

Annville 2018 33

Recently I took on a challenge to walk around my hometown of Annville, PA as a tourist. I’ve always wanted to travel but I never really took the steps to make it happen.

This year I’ve been challenging myself to push past self-limiting believes through a coaching program. When working on personal growth, I realized that I had been telling myself and others that I want to travel “Some Day” but that I just didn’t have the money to do so, which is why I haven’t actually traveled much in my life to this point.

When I challenge this idea, I realize that I just haven’t really tried to travel, and that I’ve been more focused on other aspects of my life.

I realized a lot of my life has been focused on finances, having money to do things and since I can’t seem to ever get a job that pays me enough to do things, and since I have debt, then I will not be able to travel, as I want to do.

Annville 2018 17

Here’s what I realized this year to break some self-limiting thoughts and allow myself to open up to the idea that travel is possible for me and that I can travel now!

  1. I changed my focus, by getting things that were in my way out of the way to be able to have more time. What did I get rid of? Well I cut out TV. It took some time, but I finally gave away my TV and now plan to spend less time watching others live life (or fake stories of lives) and more time reading and working on my life. I also decided to start waking up earlier and going to bed earlier so I’d have more time to do the work.
  2. I started listening to travel podcasts, such as Zero To Travel, and Budget Minded Traveler. These shows in audio form are on my phone and I can take them with me on my morning walks, and in my car. I’ve already learned so much in just a short period of time about travel and how others live in places that they love and they inspire me to want the same for myself, and that it IS POSSIBLE for me to travel the world, and that day is closer than I ever thought possible.
  3. I started planning day and extended-stay trips now, to get inspired and excited about traveling. Doing some vision work with where I will go, how I will get there, how I will feel when I’m there, are just a few ideas that help me visualize the actual experience of traveling.
  4. I am taking action now! I took the challenge of taking a tour of my hometown as a tourist. I discovered new to me places in the town that I grew up in and over the past five months I’ve challenged my mindset about my hometown. Instead of being a town that has a personal history for me of negative emotions, I can create a kind and loving experience today that inspires me to break the self-limiting ideas, and not feel negative emotions to a place just because of events that happened over 20 years ago. I can choose to be present today.
  5. I fell in love with my hometown after changing my perspective and realizing that I’m right where I need to be in this moment of my life. I can choose to take this as a life lesson that will allow me to really appreciate when I do get to travel all over the world, because then I will really know what it means to be thankful for all the work I put in to get myself to that place.

Annville 2018 29

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