Feeling Thankful at Susquehannock State Park

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.”
William Shakespeare, The Passionate Pilgrim

Susquehannock State Park 6 The last few months I’ve been enjoying the hikes through various parks in Central Pennsylvania all on my own. I would pick a park that I’d never been to, and hop in my car and drive to the park. Once arriving, I’d make sure to pick up a map of the trails, and leave my water supply in the car. I’d plug my earpiece, which connected to my cell phone. I’d play one of several podcasts I had saved or a book from Audible. Although I found peace and calm in these self-guided adventures where I’d delve into the woods and explore the outdoors, it is nice when there’s someone to share the journey.

What a pleasure it was to get out on a hike with a friend who enjoys the outdoors just as much as I do! It reminded me of how thankful I am to have some amazing people in my life who make me laugh, support me, guide me, lend me a hand, and provide a shoulder to cry on now and then. Friends who ask questions of me, push me more than I’d push myself, and respect me enough to tell me their most private thoughts, feelings, and ideas, are really the most amazing people I know. As the year ends, and I reflect back on what I’ve learned this year, what changes I’ve made in my life, and how I’ve grown, I’m so thankful to have friends on this journey called life.

Susquehannock State Park 13

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