Calm & Peace at Gamut Theatre



HBG Susquehanna River Bridge 10.30 abstract
“Confused”- Photograph on Canvas by Deb Schell

“The City I See: Chaos & Calm” Exhibit images, a collection of four photographs printed on canvas The images are an attempt to view the city of Harrisburg through the artist’s eyes and share the observation with the viewer. The world is a confusing place and each image represents a feeling while in a location. The images are digitally manipulated to enhance that feeling.


“Peace on the Susquehanna” ~Photograph by Deb Schell

The “Peace Images” are a collection of four 8×8 inch photographs printed, signed, and framed. They are a collection of photographs of peaceful and scenic landscapes, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, which represent a time when the artist felt at peace.

“At the time, I didn’t know that capturing this image would be the one I select for my 52-Week Photo Project in 2012. Looking back, and the reason I decided to add the image to this exhibit, this photograph really demonstrates peace to me. The peace in standing alone. The peace that nature brings. This image was created at Fort Hunter. That location has been a place I’ve visited several times. The last time I was there, I was really upset about choices I’d made in my personal life. I cried and cried. But after a while, I just sat there, and watched the water and wildlife and felt at peace.”


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