Travels to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh 2017-10web
View of Pittsburgh, PA 

As I drive through the tunnels, get closer to the hills, and see the bridges, I know that I’ve arrived in Pittsburgh, PA.


As a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Point Park University, I spent a good chunk of my life driving the roads and hills of this city.

I grew up in Central PA but when I was graduating high school, and I wanted to be a photographer, the best place I could find, that was “far away” was in Pittsburgh at AIP.

It’s pretty amazing that 15 years later, I walked the streets of this city with my college friend and roommate. We talked about the past and noticed how much things have changed downtown, and in other areas of the city.

Pittsburgh 2017-5Web

I call this town my “home” for many reasons that have nothing to do with my current home which is just “where my head lies each night” instead of a home. When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I felt like I had finally found my “Place.” I appreciate diversity and Pittsburgh has tons of culture and diversity. In the architecture, in the people, in food that is served, and music. Just walking around I could see that this town is called a “melting pot” for a reason.

Pittsburgh 2017-29web

The mix of old and new buildings inspired me. The way they stood next to each other, complimenting each other. Some areas of cities when you see a new building next to an old one, it takes away from or diminishes the character, but in Pittsburgh, I think the structures really do compliment instead of compete. It’s fascinating.

Pittsburgh 2017-18artwebA man was playing the most beautiful music in this walking tunnel that I wanted to listen all day. The acoustics make it sound like I’m in a concert hall. The man stopped playing and was talking to us for a few moments and commented that he will have competition if others discover how great the sound was in that tunnel. “I’d have to start charging admission” he said. I’d pay to hear that again sometime. It was fantastic. That’s what I realize and was reminded of this weekend. I need to enjoy the moments. Each moment. And I’m feeling like I am running from one thing to the next, feeling like my brain is really all over the place. To stop, take a breath, and relax, and find some peace in the moments like this one, that’s what I need to learn. I guess the only way to do that is to practice. And enjoy the moments in life.

Pittsburgh 2017-122WEB

More of my Pittsburgh photographs can be found Here.

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