The City I See: Chaos & Calm

New Work!!

I’m so excited to announce some new work that I’ll be showing this month! An opening reception for the new artwork will be held on February 17, 2017 at Zeroday Brewing Co., located in Midtown Harrisburg. Here’s the Facebook Event.

The pieces are very different from what my normal style has been, as I break away from traditional photography and explore more deeply as an artist. I’ve been working on transitioning my work to shift to more meaningful pieces for the last few years.
After spending years as a photojournalist, where I don’t have the ability to “play” with images, it is so fun to throw out the rule book, and start exploring.

This past year has been especially challenging for everyone. It seems almost everyone I talk to says that they are happy to see 2016 end. If for political reasons, or for personal reasons, or whatever your reason for feeling like that was just not your year, no fear, because we are right in the beginning of 2017.

My favorite time of the year is in the beginning. It’s when we get to press the “reset” button. It’s a chance to start over, to do what we wanted to accomplish last year. Now’s the “Action” time! And if you have set some new year’s resolutions or not, I think we all can agree that it’s great to look over our last year and see what we can improve, learn, grow, and create in the new year.

A friend helped me make the decision that became the theme of this work, and once I saw it, I knew that was the purpose of this work. The theme and purpose for these pieces would be to share my feelings, thoughts, and memories through photographic art that moves and leaves the viewer feeling like they could relate to the work.

As I grow older (and wiser..ha) I realize that I make life what I want it to be, and I can’t blame anyone else if it isn’t going the way I want, all I can do is change it from here on. While I can’t go back in the past, I can refocus on the future, and find peace, happiness, and strength in the world around me and, hint, myself!

So the images, while they show my feelings of confusion about where I am, frustration about why I’m not where I want to be, they also demonstrate order, simplicity, balance, and consistency. It isn’t perfection I strive for, it patience to practice.

Each image features iconic Harrisburg landmarks as portrayed by paintings, showing different styles and features. The titles are below.

Please stop by Zeroday between Feb. 17 – March 16 to view the artwork.

The City I See: Chaos & Calmthe-city-i-see-promo-newzy-1


A view of Italian Lake, while feeling the warmth of fall and the peace of the water. The Black Swan is a graceful reminder of truth to oneself and being fearless and alone. The fountain represents happiness and celebration.


A photograph of the capitol complex with almost no one in view to express the feeling of loneliness in a big world. The image also creates the feeling of order.


A view of Second Street Harrisburg from the River Street Garage in Harrisburg illustrates the busyness of life exaggerated through the distorted, directionless movement of the buildings. The shapes of buildings show feelings of anxiety, tight and constricted.

Dizzy and Confused

The distorted view of Market Street Bridge from City Island represents the feeling of being out of control. The wind whips my face and almost knocks me down. The pillars remind me of my legs that buckle.

Reflections and Repetition

A view of the Susquehanna River from Riverfront Park, while reflecting on the comfort and consistency of the arches illustrating stability in life.

About the Artist

I’m Deb Schell, a Harrisburg-based professional photographer. During a trip with my grandfather in Alaska, is the first time realized I wanted to learn more about the magic of photography at the age of 16.

I decided to go to school to focus on learning the art of capturing a moment in time as a photojournalist and worked in the industry at various news publications from 2005-2015.

Now I enjoy photographing my local musician and theatre friends in addition to local landscape and architecture.

I also work to promote peace with Peace Day Philly, a nonprofit organization I became involved with after participating in PDP events on the International Day of Peace in 2013. You can learn more about my work with PDP on my blog, Images4Peace.

In 2012 I began exhibiting my photographs. Check out my art exhibit website for gallery exhibition information.

Recently I sold over 600 pieces of my Harrisburg artwork to the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg. In 2014 the hotel renovated 125 rooms, which have my signed artwork in the guest rooms.



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