Peace Day 2016 ~ Peace Day Philly

peace-day-philly-2016-city-hall-12webOn Sept. 21, people all over the world celebrated and participated in events during the International Day of Peace. For the last four years, I’ve participated in Peace Day during events with Peace Day Philly.

Peace Day Philly promotes and collaborates on programming related to personal, local and/or global peace, on and around the United Nations International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”), SEPTEMBER 21. Peace Day Philly’s focus is on building positive peace and creating the conditions for peace, unity and justice through diverse and collaborative activities such as: dialogue, skill and resiliency-building, creativity, mindfulness and citizenship.


This year’s events, on Sunday, Sept. 18 and on Wednesday, Sept. 21, I photographed several of the programs in the city. I blogged about them on my Images4Peace website. Please visit the blog to read all about the wonderful events, and check out my photographs.

I volunteer my photography services each year for these events because i feel that it is an important message to get out to people. No matter where you are, each day, you can choose to take a moment to be peaceful and to promote peace in your neighborhood.

Click HERE for the photos from the events.

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