Harrisburg Exhibit open at Gamut Threatre

gamut show 1

After four years of exhibiting at pubs, shops, retirement communities, coffee houses, and my own home, my artwork is finally up at my favorite theatre!

Seven of my “Harrisburg Places” photographs featuring the Central Pennsylvania area are on metal prints are located on the wall in the lobby/reception hall of the theatre.

Gamut Theatre, located in their new home on 4th Street in downtown Harrisburg, is a great space to exhibit and I’m honored to be among one of the first artists to show work in this building.

Over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with this company and its actors. So much so, that I’ve volunteered on several occasions and always talk highly of this company. In addition I photograph Shakespeare in the Park each year.

I blogged about my experience last year in hopes to encourage people to help support community threatre. You can read that blog post here.

“My life has been deeply touched by the wonderful productions from the theatre since I discovered Shakespeare in the Park several years ago.The energy, compassion, dedication, and talent of the cast and crew of all productions are outstanding. Once more, Melissa and Clark Nicholson have become friends of mine as well as many of the cast and crew over the years. They have put in countless hours and dedicated their time to make Harrisburg a great place to enjoy theatre.”

– Deb Schell

Currently running at Gamut – Red Velvet, by Lolita Chakrabarri – Feb. 6,7,8
(P.S. I saw this today and it was very moving, powerful, funny, and thought-provoking.)

“The most remarkable story of Ira Aldridge, gentleman, actor, star of the London West End stage. In his lifetime, Aldridge played the most coveted of Shakespearean roles: King Lear, Macbeth, Shylock, and Othello. He toured Europe extensively and performed for many of its crowned heads. These achievements would be remarkable for anyone, but Ira Aldridge was not only an unparalleled and respected theatrical talent. The son of an African American slave, Aldridge was the survivor of the slum life of New York city in the early 1800s. This amazing play by Lolita Chakrabarti ran to critical acclaim in London’s Tricycle Theatre in 2012, and now Gamut Theatre will proudly present it on the Select Medical Mainstage.”

Gamut Threatre

Coming up at Gamut

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – February 19 – 21

The Seagull – March 12 – 26

Please go to Gamut’s website for more information, schedules and show times.

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