Favorite Places & Spaces, Week 1 – Susquehanna Art Museum

SAM 1 web

The first in my series called “Harrisburg Places & Spaces,”  I’m sharing with you photographs of an art space that’s new to Midtown, the Susquehanna Art Museum.

For more info on the building; Here’s a link to the PennLive story for history of the building.

Each week I’ll share a photo of a space I love in the city of Harrisburg and tell you why I love it. This week it’s SAM.

What is so great about this space is that it is light, bright, and clean. Like an art gallery should be, it allows the visitor to explore the art without distractions. Minimalistic designs.

What this space does?

It inspires me to be a better artist, to be more aware of my surroundings, and to focus on details and how each piece is unique. My most recent discovery was that I really enjoyed the quilt show currently on exhibit on the second floor of SAM. When hearing about it, I was less than thrilled. But after going up and taking a walk around, I found myself amazed by the details, colors, patterns, and creative style of each quilt. Truly works of art.

The exhibit runs until Aug. 30.

SAM Quilts 1

I’m lucky enough to sell some of my artwork in the gift shop along with some note cards featuring my photographs of the Harrisburg Capitol and other landmarks.


Get to SAM to get Inspired!

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