Support Gamut Theatre’s New Home Next Door ~ Speak up, tell your story! Here’s Mine.

Shakespeare In the Park performing Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare In the Park , Romeo & Juliet (2012)

I’m writing today to tell you about how much of an impact Gamut Theatre has made on my life, and the lives of others in the community so that you will support the request for funds to help Gamut Theatre’s new home in downtown Harrisburg.

My life has been deeply touched by the wonderful productions from the theatre since I discovered Shakespeare in the Park several years ago.

The energy, compassion, dedication, and talent of the cast and crew of all productions are outstanding. Once more, Melissa and Clark Nicholson have become friends of mine as well as many of the cast and crew over the years. They have put in countless hours and dedicated their time to make Harrisburg a great place to enjoy theatre. They’ve brought culture into a city that is known by the media as a “dangerous city” and inspired me to want to be a part of this city, not just complain about it, but to get involved. I have volunteered when I can and try to give back to others in the community.

Thanks to their constant efforts to keep the arts alive in Harrisburg, they have brought joy to thousands of people.

Over the last 21 years Gamut Theatre has touched the lives of not only myself, but also over 500,000 people in its history and currently reaches about 30,000 people each year, and 20,000 students.

Gamut is Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre and Harrisburg Shakespeare Company, best known for Free Shakespeare in the Park and its numerous education and community outreach programs.

While based in Harrisburg, Pa., Gamut’s educational outreach extends to 32 different PA counties and 4 out of 5 of students live outside of Harrisburg.

The New Gamut Theatre, is the former First Church of God, and will be repurposed into two performance venues and will offer multiple classrooms, allowing Gamut to keep up with the demand for expanding education programs and performances.

Please show your support by telling Governor Tom Wolf to approve the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program funding for Gamut Theatre’s New Home!

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Debra Schell

RACP update copy

RACP update copy 2

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