Artsfest 2015


Fantastic weather, great food, wonderful art, and jammin music during this year’s Artsfest.

For the third year, I volunteered for the event which brings over 250 artists and a variety of musicians and food vendors to the Susquehanna Riverfront in Harrisburg.

Each year that I volunteer, I walk around a sit at various booths to give the vendor a chance to walk around, get something to eat, and use the restrooms, and while many of the vendors bring a spouse or family member, or employee to help, not all do.

Some of these artist come from all over the country; New York, Florida, Ohio, and many other states. Some of them are on the road all the time, while others only do this show, or a few shows in the area. There’s lots of artists from the Central Pennsylvania area but some make the trip out. It’s pretty cool to talk to each one of them when I volunteer, to see how the weekend is going for them.

I had decided to volunteer for the last few years because so many of my friends have other plans, and I don’t always like to just walk around by myself, so I felt that this gives me a task, and I’m able to enjoy the event while helping, so a win-win for everyone.


But this year I actually had one of my best friends, Lisa, come to the event with me and hangout all day! It was fantastic because she’s from the Philly area and hasn’t been to Artsfest, so I’m so happy I had someone to share the day with, and all of the wonderful food, music, and art.

I’ve met so many artists, musicians, friends, and volunteers in the past few years that I have a hard time making time to stop and chat with all of them!

But I did get to make my rounds between Sunday and Monday. So here’s my highlights.

At the top of my list is Nancy Fobert. She is my all-time favorite artist vendor and my good friend. We see each other just once a year, at Artsfest. The first year I met her I did this awesome self portrait aka “Selfie” in her piece with a mirror. Her tins are fantastic so please check out her website.

Nancy and I (Our annual selfie)

Live music is my all-time favorite. I was so happy that I was able to listen and dance to some great music. There’s nothing quite like being at a show. I’ve supported many local musicians in the past and I’ve met some of my most favorite ones at Artsfest, that I still follow to shows all around Pa. Hearing that music, I can’t help but dance in my seat, and get up and dance.

Blitz Dynette Band at the Kunkle Plaza Stage, 2015 Artsfest
The Jellybricks
The Jellybricks
Rivers Band at the Kunkle Plaza Stage, 2015 Artsfest
Rivers Band at the Kunkle Plaza Stage, 2015 Artsfest

There’s some music is just the kind you want to close your eyes and enjoy it in stillness. I didn’t photograph her, or get her name, but there was a wonderful singer at the Central PA Jazz Festival stage today. Her voice was fantastic. I would have listened longer, but I was on my way to volunteer again.

I spent time volunteering for Gamut Theatre’s Popcorn Hat Players booth by helping kids put together crowns and/or pirate hats to take home as a memento of their day. As I helped the kids pick out stickers to adorn their crowns, I sang and danced, laughed and joked with kids and parents about how a few years from now the photo that mom and/or dad make of their child wearing his/her creation today, will be pulled out years from now.


I didn’t photograph food this year, mainly because i ate it too fast!~ Here’s to summer, and lots of Ice Cream!~


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