Peace Day 2015 Promo Video

I just finished working on this video for Peace Day Philly. I’ll be promoting Peace Day from now until Sept. 21! and continuing with the project Images for Peace.

Please visit the link above and submit your image for Peace!

Take Action!
Here’s a few easy things you can do to make a difference!

1) Submit your Image for Peace ! Here’s mine! (Email to me @ or go to the Images for Peace Facebook Page.

11148752_10153136306790255_6138222180517686594_nMy name is Deb Schell. I’m a photographer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I plan to create “Images for Peace” on Sept. 21, the U.N. International Day of Peace by photographing events on Peace Day in Philadelphia in participation with Peace Day Philly.

2) Ask for a Google Doodle!!~~
During the second weeks of April please email: to suggest the International Day of Peace for a Google Doodle.
Here’s a template that makes it easy!

Dear Google Doodle Team,
I urge you to consider creating a Google Doodle for Peace Day, Sept. 21. You have created doodles for many other global days, such as the UN International Woman’s Day and Earth Day, and I hope you’ll agree that the one global day of peace we share across the planet, especially in these times, deserves a Google Doodle.
Google as a company has lent support to the UN for Google Hangouts, as well as to NGOs such as Peace One Day for their outreach and peace education efforts.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

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