Our Lady of Angels Chapel in Charlestown

Chapel 1_edited-1

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Chapel 3_edited-1

Our Lady of Angels Chapel

The 100-year-old Chapel is inside Charlestown Community, which is located in Catonsville, Maryland.

When Our Lady of the Angels Chapel was built and dedicated in the early 20th century, it was surrounded by the rolling hills and open countryside of a farm that served as a retreat for the members of the Catholic order of the Sulpician Fathers.

For years, the chapel was the centerpiece of St. Charles College, a Catholic Seminary that operated at the site on Maiden Choice Lane from 1911 until 1977.

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  1. Bob Quigley, '58 says:

    Lovely photos. I attended St. Charles from 1952 through 1958. I notice two new items in the Chapel. First is the “new” altar which is positioned forward of the original main altar. Secondly, I notice the speakers attached to each column. Everything else appears to be as I remember it from those six years of everyday multiple visits. Thank you for posting.

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