Peace Sign Photo Challenge!

LOGO ImagesForPeace_edited-2

In connection with Images for Peace, I’ve initiated this photo challenge to inspire you to find images that inspire you!

Snap a photo of any sign you say that says PEACE or has a Peace Message!

Here’s some images to give you ideas, and this is some of the signs I found around me that offer PEACE messages for all!

IMG_1938 IMG_1927 IMG_1924

About Images for Peace: 

Images For Peace is a “Call To Action” for all who want to get involved on September 21, 2014 and participate in International Day of Peace & Peace Day Philly.

Send in your photos NOW for Sept. 21 Peace Day!

– We ask that you submit a photo of yourself, where you are located, a message about what you want to do on Peace Day, and your dream for peace in your community. You can also submit a photo that you believe represents Peace, or a photograph demonstrating what you will be doing on Peace Day!

– The message can be emailed or posted on Facebook.

Think about specifically what you want to do to promote peace in your community.

How will you encourage your friends, family, neighbors, relatives, and leaders to get involved in a  positive act of peace?

This could be anything from making a photograph, writing a poem, singing a song, signing a petition, holding a peaceful demonstration, making signs for Peace Day, creating artwork that represents what You believe is Peace.

Deb Schell, contact me via email –

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