Mini Photo Shoot with Shear Miracle Organics

Fun, style, laughs, and all while getting my hair done – that was today. Even though it was raining, I had a great day with my favorite stylists at Shear Miracle Organics, the only organic salon in Lancaster!

DebI’d gotten to know Robyn Atticks about a year ago and that’s when I discovered the awesome products and the whole experience that the salon provides. I live in Harrisburg, so you know it must be pretty awesome if I’m willing to drive 45 minutes to get my hair colored! It is SO worth it! I love Julie Ann, who has been doing my hair for the last year. I’d worked with Robyn on a photo project for her, The Lucky Girls. Since then, I try to get out there because I love hanging out with these awesome women and they do great with my hair (which is a challenge, since I have naturally curly hair that resembles tumbleweed when I wake up!)

When I was out there today, I did a mini photo shoot (using my iPhone!) with them and we have scheduled a full photo shoot for later this month, so more photos to come! There was also a photographer from Lancaster Online at the salon today, doing photographs for a piece on Shear Miracle Organics that will run in the Lifestyle section sometimes soon! How awesome is that!?!

I am a true believer in supporting local business, and especially ones that help women look good, while making sure what products we use keep us feeling good!

Please check out Robyn’s blog post about organics, a brief excerpt is below; click here for the full story.

Hi. My name is Robyn Atticks, founder of Shear Miracle Organics and I would like to welcome you to our website. I am excited about the opportunity to share with you a bit of who we are and get to know you, too! I am a professional second-generation hair stylist who decided it was time to raise the bar when it came to the term “organic salon products.” After discovering how truly dangerous many of the ingredients in salon products were, my family and I decided to open the first organic salon in Lancaster, PA.  We tried many of the products that were labeled ‘organic’ but eventually concluded that they were either too expensive or did not work properly, and some of them even contained harmful ingredients. We decided it was time to create a product that was both superior according to industry standards, yet affordable to salon customers. Shear Miracle Organics was born. We began to work with an organic formulator who had over 40 years of experience as a master herbalist. Over the past nine years, Shear Miracle Organics has evolved into a company which offers a full line of hair, skin, body, baby and pet products.

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