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Last year I participated in Peace Day Philly, and I photographed many people, places, and events, all to celebrate the International Day of Peace, which is held each year on Sept. 21.

Click here to view the work I created in 2013! 

I enjoyed my experience, but I wanted to get more involved this year, and Co-Founder, Lisa Parker, suggested doing something similar to what Global March for Peace &  Unity, was doing. They created a campaign called Pictures for Peace, asking people to submit a photo of themselves, and tell the world what they plan to do on Peace Day.

Thinking about this, I came up with the name Images For Peace, which I thought was interesting, to use the word “Image,” which makes me think of the famous song “Imagine.”

I decided to go more in-depth with the thought, making a “Call To Action” statement, which is below.

Please feel free to visit the site, like us on Facebook.

I hope to share images of people who want to share what they will do on Peace Day, and their dreams for a peaceful world.


Images For Peace is a “call to action” for all who want to get involved on September 21, 2014 and participate in International Day of Peace & Peace Day PhillyWe ask that you submit a happy photo of yourself and a message about what you want to do on Peace Day. Think about specifically what you want to do to promote peace in your community.

How will you encourage your friends, family, neighbors, relatives, and leaders to get involved in a  positive act of peace?

This could be anything from making a photograph, writing a poem, singing a song, signing a petition, holding a peaceful demonstration, making signs for Peace Day, creating artwork that represents what You believe is Peace.

Any little action you take can help get us as a society closer to a peaceful nation and a peaceful world.

Positive words and actions speak volumes, so get out there and create, capture, and tell the world around there how important Peace is, and it could make a big impact!
This site is in conjunction with Peace Day Philly, but you don’t have to be in Philly on Peace Day to celebrate, you can observe the day every day, wherever you are!~

Please include this information:



What You Will Do for Peace Day

What Your Dream is for a Peaceful World


-Deb Schell

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