Eastern State Penitentiary

BLOG ESP 22_edited-1Eastern State Penitentiary is a “gold mine” for any photographer. I had been wanting to get there for a while and finally decided to travel to Philly to create images of this cold, dark place.

Brilliant light streams through the small cell windows, illuminating the chipped paint and debris left from a time long ago.

Here are some photos of the historic building. A brief description from ESP’s website is below:

Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers.Known for its grand architecture and strict discipline, this was the world’s first true “penitentiary,” a prison designed to inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of convicts.Its vaulted, sky-lit cells once held many of America’s most notorious criminals, including bank robber “Slick Willie” Sutton and Al Capone.

BLOG ESP 3_edited-1

My favorite part of the prison was Al Capone’s cell. Renovated to look how it did when he was there, period music plays and lights illuminate the room with a warm glow. Peeking through the chipped paint on the metal frame door, it is the “warmest” room in the prison.

BLOG ESP 6_edited-1

BLOG ESP 8_edited-1

Another room offers visitors a chair , table, and newspaper, inviting visitors to sit in the room and read what stories were published in the 1800s.

BLOG ESP 14_edited-1

The place is full of history, so if you are interested in learning more about this place, check out ESP’s website. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work, please go to my website!  Many more photos from my visit to ESP are on my website, so check them out!

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