A Photo Workshop in Annapolis, MD

Photo Workshop 1A friend of mine invited me to tag along on a photo workshop this past Saturday. Hosted by Jeffrey Wolk and Roger Miller, the day was full of learning, creating, and finding interesting places in Annapolis to make photographs.

After learning a bit of Lightroom, and talking with both Jeff and Roger, meeting with other students, and talking with friends, we were off to Annapolis for a day of shooting. Thankfully the weather was nice, but hot…

For lunch we stopped in at the Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers shop, where Roger and Jeffrey’s photography work and books are on exhibit and for sale.

For our photo shoot walk, we started at the William Paca House & Gardens. 

Photo Walk 2Jeffrey gave me his FishEye lens to have fun with for the afternoon.

Next stop, our group traveled to the U.S. Naval Academy campus. We arrived just in time to catch the end of a naval wedding! Very cool.

Photo Walk 7 As we arrived at Bancroft Hall, I knew I wanted to get up the stairs. The signs saying that the hallways aren’t open to the public didn’t stop me, I snuck upstairs to get this shot.

Photo Walk 12

Getting to the U.S. Naval Museum, I loved photographing the historical model ship collection.

PHoto Walk 13

Finally, we headed to the Annapolis City Marina.

Photo Walk 14

I was able to capture tons of wonderful images while getting aid, support, and direction – if needed – by the instructors and I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in working with helpful instructors and photograph beautiful locations.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol Schell says:

    Great experience for you. Glad it turned out well.

  2. debraschell says:

    Jeffrey, The link isn’t good, please recheck the link to this page for your comment.

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