Artsfest 2013, Volunteer day


Deb Artsfest 2013So I decided to volunteer at this year’s 46th Annual Patriot-News Artsfest 2013. What a great time! My photographs were also published in the Patriot-News/ and on Storify. Here’s the link.

Jumpstreet, a non-profit orginization provided the volunteers and ran the 3-day event. Monday I got there first thing in the morning. I had assumed that I would be camped out at a info tent, but I ended up going to stands and helping give the vendors and artists a break so they could get some grub or use the restroom. In the mean time, I met some awesome artists and creators. I also ran into a few old friends 😉

Saturday night a food vendor offered free food to all volunteers, artists, and other event vendors. At the same time, a group called Mad Men Band played for the folks who stuck around from 7:30-9:30 p.m. What a great night for it – the weather was perfect! I also ran into a couple who I’d met at an event I attended while as a reporter. Great to see Sharon and Steve Smith, of Lititz. Steve is a nature photographer and I met Sharon at the Apple Blossom Festival the month before! So great to sit and chat with them while eating my free food 😉 Sharon and Steve really listened to all my struggles and offered positive encouragement about continuing on my journey.

One of the biggest reasons I feel that Artsfest is such an awesome event is because, as I’m an artist as well, I am trying to learn from the others, how to make a living at what I love. It’s not easy, and that’s demonstrated everyday by every artist I know. But, it can be done. This weekend was a testament to that as EVERY artist I talked to seemed to be selling work, so positive thinking… maybe one day I’ll figure out what the secret is to that!

Nancy and I at Artsfest 2013I again met up with my favorite non-photographer – artists, Nancy Fobert. Nancy travels all over the country displaying her tin ceiling tiles (Nancy Fobert Designs) that have inspired me.

Nancy _edited-1

She’s become my favorite part of Artsfest, we chat and catchup as this is the third year I’ve met up with her at Artsfest. I photograph her artwork and capture myself in some mirrors. This year I got a photograph of the both of us 🙂 So great to catch up with her, and it feels really good to see people again and again, knowing that they are looking forward to seeing me just as much as I seeing them!

Another artists friend, Joel Anderson, was again at Artsfest. He told me he’s had a great weekend too! So glad my friends are selling work! (I need to do more of that … hint , hint…) Joel is a photographer based in Lykens, not too far  from Harrisburg. I had a great chat with Joel 🙂

Since I volunteered, I didn’t make quite as many photographs as I would have liked, but here’s the link to the photos, and below, a few of my favorites!

Artsfest Music _Hackensaw Boys-1
Hackensaw Boys

Artfest web 3 Artsfest 1_WEB-1

Artsfest 2 Web Artsfest web 4 Artsfest web 5 Artsfest Web

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