Looking at the past, seeing the future

Since I recently hit 10,000 views on this blog, it got me to thinking about how this all started. Why I started to blog, and how I developed my skills over the past two years. It’s been a long journey. I started blogging back in 2010 in another blog, Debra Schell. After a few months I quickly filled up space by uploading every photo I took, and WordPress was asking me to pay for more space. Well, being that I am a “starving artist” and at the time, a not-so-rich journalist working at a weekly newspaper, I didn’t want to do that. I did see that I could have as many blogs as I wanted, so I just started a new one, this one.

My first blog post was actually on the older blog, and it was about my 2010 vacation to Atlanta, Ga. (I learned that I can delete old posts to have more space, which is why I no longer have these up, I replaced the work with newer posts.) That’s really how I started blogging, just rambling on and on about who I met, what I did, how funny it was, that kind of thing. I wasn’t sure about blogging at that point, I was putting everything out there, and sometimes the feedback I got, well, it wasn’t so positive, sometimes it was harsh. But the best and most memorable comment was from a blogger who would later become a mentor and friend. I always tell this story to my friends because it means so much to me, and it’s the reason why I continue to put out my work for exhibit.

I got a comment on the vacation blog from a guy named Dave. He told me in a message on WordPress, that he thought I was a really good writer and photographer. He complemented and told me to “Keep at it” finishing off each note with “Cheers”. I thought, “Wow, that’s cool.” Being the journalist I am, I had to go to this guy’s profile, see what he’s about. I learned that his name was Dave Banks, he’s a photojournalist and videographer based in L.A. and he has worked with just about every publication I could dream to work for. His work spans decades and is inspiring. “How could someone like that like my work?” I thought, well over the years, Dave and I have become friends. He and I talk and he always keeps me positive when I’m just about to “throw in the towel.”

The first blog post on this blog was one of the many I’d post related to my old job, a reporter and photographer for the Press And Journal. It’s funny looking back, at the style, and how I was really just learning how to do things with WordPress. It was also one of the first videos I did, and that I posted.

Looking back, I realize that every post was a learning experience that brought me to this place. I have learned so much about blogging, growing my followers, finding what posts work and really trying to find a balance of posting information that is of interest to readers. In the beginning I was also doing more posts like this, exploring my thoughts through the public. While this was sometimes helpful, as I get older, I am realizing that there’s some things that I shouldn’t blog about – Ha! But this has really helped me grow as a person, finding myself through you, readers and viewers of this blog who comment and like my posts. Each “like” builds my confidence that I can and I will continue to produce work. Sometimes I feel like giving up, it isn’t easy. But what I can’t seem to shake, is that I continue to be drawn to photography – viewing it, creating it, thinking about it.

As I forge ahead with this idea of making my “love for photography” into a career, I hope that you continue to follow me, “like” my posts – when so inclined, and comment. It’s all thanks to the many people in my life that I’ve come this far. I hope to continue creating work and improve each day. That’s what I love the most, learning, there’s always something new to learn.

Thanks for reading!


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