My Year in Review 2011, Part 4

Continuing my year in review through photographs. If you missed the last post, click here, it covers July – September.


My friend Jen asked me to join her, and her family, on a camping trip in the beginning of the month. She and I took walks along trails in Trough Creek State Park, Pa. and visited Raystown Lake. We had a great weekend chatting and I am so glad I brought my camera, and was able to capture many nature photos. Click the photo to see more photos from the trip. I also photographed a proposal at Hershey Gardens and blogged about it. Click here for the story behind the photographs.

I attended a photo walk of Lititz, Pa. It offered me a chance to spend the morning photographing a historic town, interesting streets, and it’s full of artistic views.  Click here to go to the photos.  Spent a day celebrating my father’s 79th birthday with my family. I tried sushi with my zumba girl Kelly Hulsey.

I also photographed a third Zumbathon, this one was benefiting breast cancer support and research. Each time I photograph these events I end up meeting the greatest people.


Highlighting another goal achieved this year, I was accepted as a featured artist at Moravian Manor, in Lititz, in 2012.
An Evening of Art was held on Thursday, Nov. 10 and previewed the 2012 artists’ work. It went well and I received positive feedback from visitors and the other artists.

 I attended a Winery Tour. I got to spend the day with my friend Kim Quigley and met some really great people. I enjoy drinking wine, but this gave me a chance to photograph the winery’s that I would never go to, on my own. As the bus of people we went to taste wines, I ran around photographing each winery. I knew that this was a great photo opportunity. So glad that I brought my camera, I got some awesome shots.

I again exhibited my photography work at an Open House Tour, held by my new friend Adrienne Helt Thoman.


I attended an online seminar, led by Justin Seeley, to learn more about WordPress blogging and websites. One of my dearest friend and mentor, Christine Goldbeck was kind enough to allow me to show my gallery photographs in her gallery, Arts on Union, during Middletown’s annual Historic Candlelight Home Tour. Trying video yet again, I photographed and videoed a flash mob, led by Kim Quigley, at the Harrisburg Mall. I got to spend a spa day with new found friend Kimm Moore. She has really helped guide me through new recent ventures.

Really got to know my new friend Lee, who has really been supportive to me through this last couple of months, even when I was … let’s just say, not at my best.

This year has been one big roller coaster ride again. I have learned a lot, gained focus, and am working on figuring out my next move, literally. Thanks to all the supportive people who have stuck with me this year, it means so much.

Here’s to a great 2012!

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