My Year in Review, 2011, Part 2

Continuing to review 2011 in photographs. Here’s the link to Part 1, if you have missed it. It includes January-March.


  April started off pretty great. I got the chance to hang out with one of my favorite local photographers, and great friend, Vicki Briner. She and I spent a few hours taking photographs of each other down along the Susquehanna River. The photographs became part of my photography marketing plan. I have used them for branding myself.

I photographed my friend’s, brother’s band, called Shotgun No Blitz, an interesting name for an interesting band. Not really my type of music, but I was happy with many of the shots I took. Bands are so great to photograph, always full of emotion and excitement.

April is also the month of my birthday, so the fun continued when I took a trip down to Richmond, Virginia, to visit one of my friends who lives there. Ben showed me all around the city, to outdoor malls, eating at a luxurious Arby’s. While it rained, we watched a soccer game. Taking walks along the historic city streets, going up to the top of hills for a sunset view of the city, and checking out the artistic culture of the town.


I attended the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Keystone Press Awards Banquet to accept the five awards our newspaper won for stories written in 2010. One award was a first place/general news award for the work I and my editor, Garry Lenton did on reporting about a historic home that was distroyed by fire over the summer of 2010. [Historic Mansion House burns ]

The story behind the story is a bit interesting and I will share a bit of it to give you an idea of how I covered the story. I awoke sometime after 1:30 a.m., on Thursday, July 29,  hearing the many sirens blaring. I knew that there must be something big going on after the third siren. After throwing together an outfit that resembled my pj’s with a jacket, I headed out the door, and got  in my car, driving only a few blocks before seeing the streets and sky turn red and blue. Finding the scene of the fire, and the fire blazing, I parked, and started shooting. Having been around for a while and knowing some of the police and fire officials, I was able get pretty  close for some shots. After spending two hours shooting and interviewing, I headed home, around 4 a.m., to get  a bit of sleep, before heading to my office and beginning the process of editing, and writing the story. My  editor later helped in gathering community memories, since the place was so well known in town.

Besides being a great writer, editor, and boss, Garry also enjoys playing the drums and singing with his church band, which I photographed in May.

I attended Harrisburg’s Artsfest. To read my experience, click the photo to go to the blog post about the event.


Highlighting one of my goals, I attended a seminar to learn Final Cut Pro, Apple’s video editing system. I wrote about it in my blog titled Keystone Multimedia Workshop, What I learned.

Please read the blog if you are interested in hearing about my experience of learning the program and meeting really great teachers and students.

Friends have really been important to me this year. Especially those friends whom are supportive to me and everything I do. One friend of mine is an inspiration to me. I became friends with Linda after meeting and interviewing her at the Middletown Fair in 2010. We shared our passion for life, our weight loss journey, and she is very much like me. “I just have fun, without caring what others think,” Linda says.

  We decided to go out to the MODE Luau at City Island. We had a great time and took the boat ride, on the Pride of the Susquehanna twice, to sing and dance with Tony Anacan, Hawaiian singer.

I am inspired by Linda’s determination, charisma, and spunk.

Part 3 to come!

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