Nikon apologies for insulting thousands of photographers

“We know some of you took offense to the last post, and we apologize, as it was not our aim to insult any of our friends. Our statement was meant to be interpreted that the right equipment can help you capture amazing images. We appreciate the passion you have for photography and your gear, and know that a great picture is possible anytime and anywhere.”

The statement was posted Thursday morning on Nikon’s Facebook Page after thousands of photographers all over the world were offended when Nikon posted this statement 17 hours previous to the apology.

A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses, and a good lens is essential to taking good pictures! Do any of our facebook fans use any of the NIKKOR lenses? Which is your favorite and what types of situations do you use it for?”

Nikon has inspired many non-pro photographers to pick up a camera thanks to the Ashton Kutcher commercials that make people falsely believe that just buying a Nikon Camera makes you a great photographer.

I disagree, along with more than 3,000 photographers.

Please support and respect the professional photographers out there working to make a living at a craft that really takes hard work, talent, determination, and skills, along with expensive equipment.

I don’t mind that people who have a good-paying full-time job try photography on the side, that’s fine, go for it.

What bothers me is the ones who go out and do my job for FREE.

It also bothers me that the industry has proven that photography is cheep these days.

Yes, many photographers I know are making a great living at photography every day, so I know it’s possible.

I have no intention to quit photographing just because I am struggling to pay for the equipment that I own, and have no way to invest in better equipment, which is an important part of the equation to great photography.

Some may get lucky and be in the right place at the right time, to get a photo that sells.

But doing it constantly over and over again takes skill, hard work, and again, determination.

I am a Canon shooter, but owned Nikon’s in the past.

Thanks to Nikon for the apology.

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  1. danitacahill says:

    I enjoyed this post. And love your header photo.

  2. debraschell says:

    Thanks, glad to hear it!

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