Artsfest 2011

I attended Artsfest this year and decided to bring my camera. And I am glad I did. Not only did I take photos, but met some really cool artists, musicians, and food specialists.

My favorite photographer at the event was Xavier Nuez, a contemporary photographer whose work is graphic, sharp, and fantastic. I spoke with Nuez, who gave me tips about getting started in photography and encouraged me to keep working.

While wondering around, I found a display of mirrors and started to take photographs of my reflection. I really liked the mirrors and met the artist, Nancy Fobert. Not only is she a new and amazing artist, she’s a great new friend. I enjoyed talking about art with Nancy. Meeting her pretty much made my day. I also learned that there is history behind each one of her pieces, which makes each of them unique.

Always interested in female artist, because I am one, I stopped in my tracks when I heard Meghan Cary singing. I could tell from her body and facial expressions that she truly has a passion for music and singing. (As do I)

Her voice is lovely and between getting photos, I sat and enjoyed listening to her deep, moving songs, a few of which I could personally relate to from recent personal issues.

I will be posting a video of some of Megan’s songs, which I recorded today.

I can’t forget about the wonderful food at Artsfest.

No matter what you are looking for, it was there. I met some wonderful chefs who allowed me to take their photo.

Afaf Assaf, center, is the sales manager for Bon Appetit Bakery & Catering from Norfolk Virginia. Although her assistants weren’t very excited about being photographed, they put on a smile. Afaf offered me some free samples, so kind, but I declined, and after saying goodbye, I was on my way to discover other artists and more food.

I spent a good amount of time speaking with Robert Jones, a fine art photographer who is from the Harrisburg area but now lives near Atlanta, Ga.

Robert told me to “Keep the Faith” in photography and not to give up on my dreams. So many artists are successful here, including Jones, and so it really means that making a living with art is possible.

I had a good conversation and a laugh about the photography industry while viewing Joel Anderson’s work.
I said that the photography market is really tough in Central Pennsylvania because so many photographers are doing work for little or no money. Then I said something that my friend and I were talking about before.
“People here shop at Walmart, not Lord & Taylor or Saks Fifth Avenue.”

I didn’t coin the phrase but it seems to have gotten a few laughs from the photographers who I told it to.

It was also proven when I arrived in Harrisburg while pulling into the parking garage, I had a brief conversation with the lady taking the parking fee. She told me she was going to Walmart and hopefully they would have AC because the parking garage, though in the shade, was still really hot.

It was a hot day, but I was glad I came out. I met so many great people who inspired me to write about it today. Thanks to all of the artists and those who attended the event. Showing support to artists is so important because even though most of them are making a living at it, so many are not, or struggling like myself to pay the bills.

So I will end this by saying thanks for your continued support.

-Debra Schell

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