Ahoy, matey! Love reigns on their ship

by Debra Schell Press And Journal Staff : 3/23/2011

“Rogues, scoundrels, roustabouts, privateers, and pirates…”

That’s Highspire Mayor John Hoerner talking to a group of about 70 friends and family members of Dory Rabuck and Joseph Corsnitz who gathered at the Highspire Citizen’s Fire Company No. 1 on March 12 for … wait for it … the couple’s wedding.

This was no ordinary union of souls in holy matrimony – Dory and Joseph are pirates at heart. And theirs was a pirate wedding.

The couple, who attends the Renaissance Fair at Mount Hope Estate and Winery every year, chose a pirate theme for their wedding because they wanted the day to be unique, something they, and all who attended, would never forget.

“Joseph and Dory, you are entering into a commitment born of love,” Hoerner continued. “Before these witnesses, you are joining together, creating a union that involves both joy and responsibility.”

“You must enter into your marriage with no lien on either of your ships or crew, free of other commitments,” Hoerner said, reading from a script prepared by Jennifer Rabuck, Dory’s stepmother. “Bring forward the sword!”
A sword was presented and the couple swore an oath stating their intentions for one another.
There was audience participation, too. Friends and family were asked to answer “Arr!” to show support of the marriage.

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